E-commerce Analytics tool that anyone can use

See your Shopify Store actions in real-time and benchmark its performance.

Shopify E-commerce Analytics
Shopify E-commerce Analytics

Built for store owner like you

The streamlined analytics tool that helps you get your store insights faster.

Analyse key data, custom-design dashboard for your store success.

Accurately report the real-time data of your store insights.
Core E-commerce KPIs
Evaluate the store performance within an easy-to-understand dashboard.
Shopify-ed dashboard
Exclusively customized dashboard for Shopify store.
One-click installation
Get everything ready by just one-click. No extra setup.

Tailored analytics dashboards for your Shopify store

Trend reports
Your dashboard will allow you to analyse the store trends across key performance indicators.
Visitor demographics
Provide in-depth demographic information, help you get to know your customers better.
Understand the behavior of your visitors and how people interested in your store.
Insightful Analytics
Store benchmarking
Evaluate your store from time-to-time, identify internal opportunities for improvement.
Conversion rates
Measure your store sales and its performance, know the best selling product.
Determine how many customers have been retained. Higher retention, higher profitable growth.
Powerful Analytics
Time efficient
All-in-one dashboard, providing easy visibility for the most important data and metrics.
Intuitive design
Data visualization in a simple and intuitive user interface, ensure greater efficiency for optimum time-saving.
Data secure
All data will be kept safe and secure as well as protecting your information privately.
Efficient Analytics

Make analytics simple and easy

A custom-designed tool for time-saving and easy-to-get-started. Provide completely the insights you need without any hassle.

Built from scratch to meet the Shopify store specifications
Stop spending time for data setup and config, get into action right away
Turn non-specialists into Shopify store analytics experts

It's free! Get started today

Free forever with store under 35,000 pageviews per month